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September 30, 2002 - July 9, 2008


Ryan was born a beautiful, healthy baby. He grew into a lively, spirited young boy. A few days after his third birthday, to his family’s dismay…Ryan was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma on October 12, 2005.

Even during treatment, the little superhero enjoyed life to the fullest. While undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries, over 50 blood transfusions, infections, and many scans and admissions into Texas Children’s Hospital, Ryan still loved to wrestle, watch Adam West Batman movies, patrol the hospital halls on his batcycle and play with his sister, Hayley. Ryan made many friends at the cancer clinic, especially with the cute nurses and teenage girls. He prided himself on having many girlfriends.

The initial treatment worked and Ryan’s disease was no longer evident. Since his treatment was over and his body was no longer prone to infection, Ryan attended Pre-School. He enjoyed the “typical” boy stuff…school, swimming, family vacations, and playing on his Make-a-Wish playground.

Unfortunately, Ryan’s relapse was confirmed on October 12, 2007 (exactly 2 years from the original diagnosis). Although Ryan was back in treatment, he continued to enjoy each wonderful day he was given. He became an honorary member of the Dayton Volunteer Fire Department. He played on the Royals T-Ball team. He played Wii and built legos with his dad. He played all things superhero. He charmed his mom by calling her his “true love.” He loved freely and was loved by many. Ryan gained his angel wings on July 9, 2008. His big, beautiful smile, sweet spirit and heroic heart will be forever missed.

His complete journey starting at diagnosis is recorded in his caringbridge journal..

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